Sandboxes of directories and files.


Print text lines listing the current working directory recursively.

The format of the text lines is the same as read by the new_sandbox() function. Lines are printed in alphabetical order.


Create a directory with items given as lines of text, and chdir to it.

The specification is a multi-line string each of whose lines takes one of the following forms:

d foo
create a directory named foo
f foo/bar asdf
create a file named bar inside foo/ with content ‘asdf’
l baz -> foo/bar
create a symbolic link named baz, pointing to foo/bar

The sandbox directory will be added to the known sandboxes so it can be removed when the test setup is torn down.


Sandbox-related test set-up handler.

As creating a sandbox changes the current working directory to it, the original working directory is saved by the test setup so it may be restored upon tear-down.


Sandbox-related test tear-down handler.

Sandboxes created by the test are removed and the working directory is changed back to the current one before the test.