Change log for tl.testing

0.6 (unreleased)

  • Fixed PyPI link in Sphinx template.
  • For absolute imports, use the Python language feature rather than manuel. Moved the logic for cairo mocks used when building the docs to the Sphinx configuration.
  • Applied package layout conventions according to tl.pkg.

0.5 (2012-01-04)

  • Added tl.testing.thread providing thread classes that handle or report exceptions as well as a thread-aware test case class that provides reporting on threads left behind by tests and some conveniences for using threads in test code.
  • Dropped compatibility with Python 2.5 by introducing a context manager for joining threads.
  • Added tl.testing.doctest providing a DocFileSuite factory which is compatible to that of standard doctest but uses pypi:manuel and allows for some manuel-related additional configuration. Always require manuel, removed the cairo extra requirements.
  • Fixed #5: Shield test runs that are the subject of this package’s tests from options passed to runs of this package’s test suite itself.
  • Changed this package’s own tests to use the stock unittest test runner instead of the Zope test runner. Since this caused changes in doc-test counting, use mocks to make clearer whether certain tests are executed. Requires the pypi:mock package.
  • Updated code and development environment to newer versions of packages: no longer use deprecated zope.testing.doctest, build with more recent tl.buildout_gtk.
  • Keep buildout.cfg under version control instead of base.cfg, expect overriding to happen in local.cfg.
  • Updated to using Sphinx 1.1 for building the documentation, require graphviz to create class inheritance diagrams, require sphinxcontrib-bitbucket to generate links to bitbucket issues and sphinxcontrib-cheeseshop to generate links to packages’ PyPI pages. Use a global table of contents in the sidebar. Added the technically detailed doc-tests to the Sphinx docs.
  • Temporarily ignore import errors for the cairo C module to allow the full API docs to be built at Read the Docs.

0.4 (2009-09-14)

Cairo testing:
  • Updated to using manuel 1.0.0b3, restoring Python 2.5 compatibility.
  • Allowed for text in addition to the expression in figure captions, as well as multi-line captions.
  • Interpret an option for excluding one or more rectangular areas of a surface from comparison with the expected image.

0.3 (2009-07-23)

Cairo testing:
  • Updated to using manuel 1.0.0b2, implying the requirement of Python 2.6 and a refactoring of the DocFileSuite that loses encoding support.
  • Improved the behaviour in the case that a result cannot be written to an image file.
  • Write the test result to an image file also in the case that the expected image cannot be loaded.
  • Disallowed absolute image paths as they would only work on Unix-like systems because of the requirement to use / as the path separator.
  • Fixed DocFileSuite to accept multiple test file names, renamed the manuel_object parameter to just manuel, only include the doc test, footnote and cairo Manuels by default.
  • Require a cairo.ImageSurface instead of a Surface as the value of an example’s Python expression.
  • Report ImageSurface format mismatches, avoid false mismatches with FORMAT_RGB24 surfaces.
  • Moved the project to the Mercurial version control system.
  • Build documentation using Sphinx.
  • Improved documentation, in particular added doc strings to the code.

0.2.2 (2009-06-24)

  • Updated to using the manuel 1.0.0b1 API.
  • Made the cairo test runner recognize the CAIRO_TEST_RESULTS environment variable as a place to dump failed test results as png images.

0.2.1 (2009-06-09)

  • Use new manuel.codeblock functionality in cairo image doc-testing.
  • Simplified the cairo testing code a little due to a bug fix in manuel.

0.2 (2009-05-15)

  • Added a manuel test runner that compares cairo surfaces to images included as ReST figures in doc test files.

0.1 (2008-11-11)

initial release